Business Insight Solutions

With insight comes opportunity

AcuityBI delivers Business Insights as a Service

Organisations struggle to get high-quality insights to their decision makers, which leads to missed opportunities, higher costs and increased risks.

AcuityBI provides organisations with an integrated view of IT business performance. Business-function aligned dashboards leveraging best practice metrics, designed for transparency and decision-support.

We deliver the right insights at the right time, so leaders have visibility into their business performance and can intervene when it matters most.

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Trusted Insights

Industry specific, best practice performance metrics tailored for strategic decision making.


Providing leaders with the confidence they need to intervene at the right moment.

AcuityBI Consulting Services

Empower your team with business performance and technical expertise in Power BI

AcuityBI combines decades of experience in strategy, performance management and business intelligence. Our approach ensures focus on the right metrics to amplify success.

We bring a wealth of technical expertise in designing, building and deploying premium reports and dashboards with Microsoft Power BI and Azure.

Drive value earlier by leveraging the AcuityBI team’s skills and expertise to accelerate your business intelligence outcomes and grow your internal team capability.

Technology you know and trust

AcuityBI powered by Microsoft

Power BI

​Power BI is the premier business intelligence platform available in market, named as the leader in the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant, with a global footprint across all major industries.

We leverage Power BI to deliver superior analytics and visualisation experiences. 


AcuityBI uses the Microsoft Azure stack to source and prepare your data.

With Azure at the core of the technology environment, information assets will always be up to date.

Is your organisation data driven?


Executives say they are not comfortable using data from their systems.


US executives believe that data driven is just a slogan.


Executives do not believe their companies are analytics-driven.